a love letter to new york city

This June I got to check out one of the best cities in the world for my second time.  Let’s just say I did not ever want to leave.  My adventure in New York lasted for five full days; I got there early Saturday morning and left the following Thursday.  I went with one of my dearest friends Victoria.  We were able to stay at her sister’s apartment over in Brooklyn (shoutout Anastasia)!

I do not know what it is about this city but my heart physically feels so happy when I am there.  My entire body feels different; I want to completely indulge myself in anything and everything this magical place has to offer.

There is so much to check out there, we were out and about every day and still did not get a chance to do everything we wanted to!  But it is all good, just gives me an excuse to go back there soon.

The first and foremost thing we cared most for was FOOD!  There are what feels like billions of restaurants in this city.  We ate at some amazing places, I will be writing a separate post for you guys of everywhere we went!  New York has some awesome vegetarian/vegan options that we fully took advantage of as well.  I cannot wait to share these places with you guys! 🙂

On top of the amazing food, just walking around alone is so beautiful in itself.  It gets so exhausting but the trip is totally worth it.  While we were there we spent most of our time in SoHo.  But we went all over the place… Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Williamsburg, Chelsea, honestly so many different parts it is hard to keep up with.  Don’t worry though, I will have another post of our favorite spots as well!

Being there with Victoria was so freeing.  We were able to do whatever we wanted.  We really are not the tourist types, so it felt more familiar and relaxed which was great.  At first being there can definitely feel overwhelming, but once you ground yourself and find your roots it can be one of the most beautiful things…

We met some pretty great people there as well.  Of course we had some bumps in the road along the way, but it was hands down my most favorite vacation I’ve been on.

Traveling is so important.  I believe it can be healing for both our mind and bodies.  I know that I deprive myself from happiness at points–we all do–and experiencing a new place can bring back everything our bodies have been craving…

I know one day I will fully indulge myself here for however long I may choose to stay.  This city is calling for me.

If you have not already been, please treat yourself to going–you will not regret it, I promise.

I cannot wait to see where this life will take me next.

Thank you.

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