the decision to get my tattoo

For those of you who do not know, last month I went ahead and got a beautiful piece done on my left rib.

I had ultimately decided back in high school that I’d get tattoos.  I always have been so intrigued by them.  The idea that it was a “commitment” and the fear people have to get them incase they regret it, was never an issue for me.  Knowing it would be with you forever only enticed me more.

For awhile, I was so eager to get one that I came up with the most random designs and ideas.  They were all just too extravagant… I never really fell in love with anything I had came up with.

Then again, I did come across some really cute tattoos online.  But every time I’d choose one, I kept stopping myself from getting it done.  I did not just want to get one of those, just to say I have one.

So I was back and forth for some time.  Then one day I randomly went up to my mom and suggested we get matching tattoos together.  At first she was completely against it.  Shot down my idea immediately.

Then I started to put more thought into it…

In the back of my head I always knew that at some point I wanted to get a tattoo of a flower of some sort.  Which I know is “basic,” but I never cared about getting a tattoo that is more common.  So many people have similar or the same tattoos and it honestly does not matter.  As long as you are happy with it, nothing should be stopping you!

Eventually I brought up the idea to her again.  But this time I had pictures ready, and actual reasonings as to why it would be so great.

So the flower we got is a tulip.  This is my mom’s favorite flower; every time I see one I think of her.  The one she got is a little bit different however.  She has a quote that goes along the stem.  But I’m so happy that we did this together.  It is just another thing that keeps us connected.  Which is what makes it even more special.

I think what I love most about tattoos is that it essentially creates a timeline on our bodies.  We get them done for our own reasonings; only to please ourselves.  Even if in the future you are not as crazy about a tattoo you got in the past, remind yourself that at the time it made you happy.  That is what is so important about tattoos.  Never regret something that once made you happy.

I do not think I will ever regret this tattoo.

Thank you.

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